Valocity transforms lending by combining the best technology, analytics and data to create a digital ecosystem that streamlines the entire
mortgage valuation process.


It does this by providing access to real-time automated valuations (AVMs) and connecting an ecosystem of consumers, valuers, appraisers and brokers together through one centralised, cloud-based platform to deliver:

Faster, more efficient,
fully digitised
decision-making processes

Centricity and seamless customer experiences

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Global best practice for lending compliance,
risk management and valuation benchmarking


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Alyssa Layton
Head of Operational Risk & Performance

We first implemented Valocity into our business in 2014. The Valocity solution has helped us meet a range of needs – from a valuation ordering service through to the provision of property data and automated valuations. Innovation and the ability to customise solutions have been a key differentiator for us. The Valocity team were incredibly responsive from the project planning phase and throughout the implementation, and have continued to evolve and enhance their solution to support the dynamic needs of our business.

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Neill Sullivan
Land Information New Zealand

Speaking as the regulator of the valuation industry in New Zealand, I have to say that I’m very encouraged by the work that Valocity is progressing and the sophistication you are bringing to the combining of multiple data sets to achieve enhanced property information/intelligence.  You are one of the few data companies that I am aware of who are actively exploring a holistic approach to data and datasets to provide intelligent innovation, especially in the property valuation sector.  Ultimately property valuation is driven by real-time sales/market information and comprehensive underlying property attribute details of individual properties (including location and physical property attributes) – mixed with other key economic data to predict the likely selling price at a given date – the combinations of data processing that you are developing gave me strong encouragement that reliable, technology-driven quality assurance solutions are on the horizon. I support the work you are doing and the aims you are trying to achieve.

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Tracy Steel
Headway Systems
General Manager

Headway Systems Limited has been working alongside Valocity since the inception of their innovative product, Valocity. During this time, we have watched Valocity go from strength-to-strength, whilst ensuring a fair playing field for both the banking and valuation professions.  Headway’s support of Valocity was initially due to what we saw as a very much needed product the New Zealand market. Over time, this support has continued and grown due to the exceptional nature of the Valocity product and the integrity and professionalism of Valocity.

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Gideon Clewlow
ASB Bank
Head of Rural Development

We were looking for a platform that delivered a better solution to our existing system, as well as have the potential to develop into something very different to business as usual. ValocityAgri continues to evolve with Valocity allowing us to influence its design through close collaboration. The economic benefit has been immediate through productivity gains. Adding data layers, providing links to other data sources (e.g. consents) and automating further processes will improve our understanding of our customers’ assets and our security as well as providing them with insights into their farm’s environmental footprint.


ValocityAgri combines the best of geospatial data with the latest mapping software interfaces to create a unique, digitised valuation process for the Agri and rural lending sectors.  Our Agritech solution is the first of it’s kind globally and allows self-service online report creation paired with data layering and visualisation in a scalable big data platform.


In digitising the valuation ordering, delivery, and management process to deliver faster and more efficient workflows by leveraging data, technology and mobile applications, Valocity has developed a Valuation Management platform that is easily integrated into existing systems and is global neutral.


To compete in the Age of the Customer, differentiation is everything.  Valocity empowers brokers and advisors with relevant insights to enable a relevant and valuable conversation and enables the mortgage origination process to be seamless and transparent from end to end.

Insurance, Corporate & Government

Valocity’s residential building replacement cost model leverages machine learning and AI, integrated with the latest technology enabling easy customisation to suit individual Insurer specifications and outputs.  The connectivity of the Valocity platform drives digital processes and workflow solutions to help solve complex Corporate and Government problems.

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